a Small selection


Elmia Subcontractor 2017

Elfa International

Corporate Powerpoint with navigation tabs and hyperlinked chapters

Primozone Productions

Product sheet series (Case story, product sheet, white paper)

Arc Aroma Pure

Annual report / new graphical identity

Primozone website

A Swedish based company that has redefined Ozone water treatment technology on a global scale.

PanLink Elmia booth 2017

Booth at Elmia Subcontractor 2017

PanLink Direct Mail 2017

3x Direct Mail heading up for Elmia Subcontractor fair 2017

Axis Communications

Leave-behinds within the two Retail areas Store Optimization and Loss Prevention.

Fastener fair Stuttgart, Nord-Lock Group

Grip Fastighet

Logotype and basic graphical profile one-pager for a local estate agent GRIP Fastighetsmäkleri

Nord-Lock Group

Graphical profile for Nord-Lock Group, global leader in bolting solutions

Panlink booth

Booth for Elmia Subcontractor fair 2016


Mentor programme brochure for ProCivitas private gymnasium.

Time Care

Product sheets, service sheets, sales brochures

Nord-Lock Sales tool

An interactive sales presentation for the offshore industry in Norway

PanLink web site

WordPress web site in English and Polish

PanLink booth 2015

Booth for contract manufacturer PanLink at Elmia Subcontractor 2015

BE Group booth 2015

Booth for steel service company BE Group during Elmia Subcontractor 2015

Lantmännen strategy

Strategic communication advice to Lantmännen Maskin in a change management project

Lantmännen strategy PPT

Animated Powerpoint presentation for management to present a change process.

PanLink DR Autumn 2015

Direct Mail for PanLink for Elmia Subcontractor exhibition 2015

Microsite for Advenica

A micro site developed for the launch of Advenica’s ZoneGuard.

Advenica booth

Booth for an exhibition in Finland for Advenica – a leading European provider of cybersecurity.

PanLink Polish factory

Wall designs for factory and office space in Poland (27 walls)

Beyond Innovation

Graphical profile for Beyond Innovation


Sales process workshop, corporate brochure, product photoshoot

Advenica CDS

For the launch of SecuriCDS ZoneGuard & Data Diodes we produced a brochure to explain the products.

PanLink Sales presentation

Sales presentation in PPT  with hyperlinked menu and navigation

Eightmood catalogue

Autumn collection 2014 – catalogue and price list.

Micro site

Micro site to build awareness around the subject of micropollutants in wastewater www.micropollutants.com

PanLink Direct Mail Spring 2015

Direct Mail for PanLink – Spring campaign Sweden 2015

Nord-Lock sales messaging

In-depth interviews with sales offices around the globe to define competitive advantages for companies within the Nord-Lock Group.

Nord-Lock 10 reasons

”Ten Reasons” booklet to describe their 10 strongest competitive advantages.

Trioplast website

Website for Trioplast, multi-language support

Primozone workshop

Workshop with management to identify the company’s core sales messages.


Coffee table book with landscapes, sceneries and Moroccan artisans and craft.

Malmsjö & Persson website

WordPress site for Byggnads AB Malmsjö & Persson

PanLink Direct mail spring 2014


Portuguese consulting firm Inovaprime/HP decided to build up their danish presence

Booth for Panlink 2014

Booth for PanLink at Elmia Subcontractor 2014

Trioplast web strategy workshop

Workshop to identify target group and define scope of an upcoming web project

Coffee Table Book

”En bok om kärlek” – stories and recipes

Björn of Sweden brand development

Brand development for an international chocolate brand: name, position, target customer, logo, graphical profile

Bjorn of Sweden packaging

Chocolate packaging, bars & cones (the four original flavours)

BE Group booth 2013

Booth for Elmia Subcontractor 2013